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                  L I T E  F A R E  
      Available Until Last Call Nightly 


F E A T U R E S 
SNACK WRAP (2) chicken tenders.  cheddar jack cheese. ranch.  9
ONION RINGS texas petal sauce 10
JALAPEÑO QUESO chorizo.  tortilla chips.  scallion  11 
CALAMARI thai chili.  pickled peppers.  cashews.  scallion  15 
BOOM BOOM SHRIMP spicy mayo. scallion  16
WINGS mild. hot. old bay. thai chili. butter rub. bbq. jamaican jerk. garlic parm  16  
THE SANDLOT house breaded chicken tenders. fries. coleslaw 18
FISH N CHIPS buttermilk fried cod. fries. coleslaw. tartar 24


DOUBLE FUDGE BROWNIE topped with your choice of vanilla. praline. mint choco chip or cookies n cream ice cream 10 
KEY LIME PIE  graham cracker crust. sugared lime. whipped cream 11
KRISTIAN’S BREAD PUDDING caramel sauce. vanilla ice cream  11
CHOCOLATE REESE’S CAKE  chocolate cake filled chocolate and peanut butter ganache. peanuts. whipped cream 12 
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